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July & August Holidays

As soon as you are bound by the 'dreaded' school holidays, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you have to relinquish your grip on any hope of a relaxing family holiday, but with Powder Byrne there is no need to panic.

With a combination of our dedicated services, beautiful resorts and our unique approach to childcare, you can all have the luxury holiday you want and no one has to compromise. 

You can be confident that the kids will have the time of their lives in our care, whilst making new friends and experiencing new adventures and sports. You'll have time to switch off and enjoy precious time to yourselves to do whatever takes your fancy. 

The secret of our success lies in helping families strike the right balance between time apart and time as a family during the school holidays, and in selecting properties and delivering services that are in tune with your needs. 


Luxurious Family Holiday Destinations


We work with beautiful properties across the Mediterranean, Middle East and further afield, each offering excellent accommodation and services. Some hotels are on the beach, others in the cool of the hills, with a combination of great facilities including world-class spas, championship level golf courses and renowned restaurants. 

You'll find our children's programmes running in the following destinations this summer. Follow the links below to find out more:

Elba, Italy
Sintra, Portugal
Elounda, Crete
Sardinia, Italy


Unique Childcare


To find out more about our inspirational summer children's programmes follow the links below:

Early Years Childcare
Powder Byrne Children's Programmes

PB Sports Academies

Our people are our biggest asset, and they are carefully chosen to deliver the essential services and support you need in resort to ensure you enjoy every moment of your time with us.

Summer Resort Service

Have a look at the wide range of specialist programmes and courses for kids who just don't want to sit still!

Summer Kids Programmes

Keep your older children and teens busy this summer by taking a look at what we've got to offer, designed with active kids in mind.

PB Sports Academies