Via Ferrata, Cortina, Italian Dolomites

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our exclusive Via Ferrata adventure programme, debuting in the picturesque mountain town of Cortina.


Nestled in the heart of the Ampezzo Valley within the Italian Dolomites, Cortina beckons active families with its majestic mountains, verdant forests, serene lakes, and cascading waterfalls, offering an idyllic playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Led by our dedicated team, your family will delve into thrilling via ferrata experiences, navigating the famed ‘iron paths’ that wind through the rugged terrain.

Your adventure begins with a stay at the luxurious Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, where you’ll enjoy unparalleled comfort and relaxation amidst breathtaking mountain vistas. Our tailor-made itineraries include accommodation, luxury transfers, equipment hire, expert guides, and a host of mountain activities, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable mountain adventure for the whole family.

Experience Cortina with Powder Byrne

Cortina is based in the heart of the Dolomites range and has a rich history dating back to Roman times. Originally a land of farmers, the dawn of the railway era and pioneering mountaineers first put Cortina on the tourism map. The mountains of Cortina played host to intense fighting in WW1 and in peacetime, Cortina hosted the Winter Olympics in 1956 and this heralded a golden age of La Dolce Vita, with film stars, social and political elites regularly frequenting the stylish hotels, restaurants and bars.

Modern day Cortina is well-known for some of the finest food in Italy, its vivid history and huge array of alpine activities which make it the perfect destination for a summer holiday full of outdoor fun. With miles of hiking trails, via ferrata (protected climbing) and downhill mountain biking to name a few of the activities you can enjoy in this awe-inspiring part of the world, make this your next summer adventure.

Why Via Ferrata?

Via ferrata, translating to “iron path,” comprises protected climbing routes scattered throughout the UNESCO World Heritage Park surrounding Cortina. Connected to a safety cable throughout, participants experience a remarkable sense of security on terrain they might otherwise find daunting.

Accessible to individuals reasonably fit and active, via ferrata is suitable for children aged 8 and above, fostering a sense of responsibility as they navigate the harness along the route. The equipment is user-friendly for both adults and children, with all necessary gear provided.

Routes are graded by difficulty and vary in length, with experienced mountain guides accompanying participants, offering local insights and stories. Some routes complement an e-bike approach, allowing riders to traverse stunning landscapes before seamlessly transitioning to the via ferrata route.

Encounters with wildlife, such as chamois, and vibrant alpine flora add to the experience, particularly in springtime. Each day’s itinerary is tailored to guests, often culminating in lunch at a picturesque mountain hut, completing the unforgettable via ferrata adventure.

Via ferrata with Powder Byrne

Embark on a 4 to 7 day adventure in Cortina, staying at the beautiful Faloria Mountain Resort. This luxury haven will serve as your base for a holiday of exhilarating outdoor escapades overseen by our specialised guides, from cycling, e-biking and hiking to conquering the famed Dolomites via ferrata. Our uniquely curated itinerary ensures ample opportunities to relish the resort’s splendid amenities while savouring Cortina’s cultural and culinary delights.

Spectacular hand-picked properties with our exclusive services to ensure an unparalleled experience.

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