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Our Story

We are proud to have built up a strong following of regular clients thanks to our unique approach, our dedicated staff and our focus on delivering the best experience for each and every client. If you are yet to experience our holidays and you are looking for a specialist who understands that the success of your holiday lies in the little details and great service, we’d love to hear from you.

We were the first to embark on bespoke skiing experiences with quality service, sharing our passion for powder skiing weekends and our Original Skiing programme still holds true to that ethos as we near our 30th season in the Alps.

To compliment the success of our skiing business, we introduced our Summer "Resorts" Programme in 1995. Thanks to the popularity of our hand-picked properties, unique children's programmes and dedicated resort services, this has grown from strength to strength with a portfolio of properties spanning the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Caribbean.


Our Unique Approach

No two Powder Byrne holidays are the same as we tailor individual experiences with the flexibility to fit your requirements. Our secret lies in striking the right balance between family time and time to yourselves to enjoy the things you each want to do on holiday. We will take time to talk through the benefits of each property and advise on the most appropriate options for you. Each of our resorts and hotels appeal for different reasons, and you can expect honest and knowledgeable advice as we assist with your decisions.

You'll find extensive information about each of our destinations, resorts and hotels here on our website, but you'll only really be able to experience our personalised service when you speak to one of our consultants. They'll answer any questions you have, ensure you have all the information you require, and provide additional details that you might need.


Company and Private Events

We have many years of experience delivering private events for individuals and companies, thanks to our contacts and dedicated service in our many destinations. The acquisition of Belmont Conventions in 2000 has added an extra dimension to our growing corporate division and the two merged to form PB Events. Specialising in bespoke Alpine events, from conferences to hospitality weekends for clients looking for the extraordinary, we offer a fresh approach to private events. Call us on 020 8246 5320 to discuss how we can assist with your next event.


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