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Cyprus has sunshine and warm weather all year round, and with its coasts lined with beautiful beaches and a culture with thousands of years of history, it has something to offer everyone.

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Nestled on the southwest coast of the island of Cyprus and dating from antiquity, Paphos is a vibrant seaside town full to the brim with distinct Cypriot flare.

The mythological birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Paphos enjoys the mildest climate on Cyprus and is home to a stunning natural harbour; perfect for whiling away the hours over a lunch fresh-caught from the sea.

From archaeological sites and sightseeing tours for those who are looking for culture and history, to stunning beaches and fantastic Mediterranean cuisine for those just looking to relax and enjoy what Cyprus has to offer, this stunning ancient town is a true treat.

Activities and Indulgences for You

Enjoy the Mediterranean pace of life and take the time to relax during your holiday to Cyprus. It's perfectly acceptable to spend hour upon hour on a sun lounger, basking in the beautiful island warmth, whether that be beside your private pool or down on the white sandy beach.

There's plenty to keep you occupied if you prefer a faster pace of living though; why not try out some water sports on the beach or a jeep safari into the green heart of the Troodos Mountains? Are you interested in playing some tennis or putting in a round at Aphrodite Hills' 18 hole championship golf course? Our in-resort team would be happy to organise all of this for you and more, just let them know what you'd like to do and they'll do the rest.

Fun for the Kids

Sitting right on the coast and with easy access to the beach, the kids will love all the water sports that are on offer in Paphos. Our Scallywags and Zone programmes will be running in full swing during the October Half Term holidays so you can be sure that they'll always be entertained.

Older children and teens will especially love all of the facilities available at Aphrodite Hills, with cycling trails, horse riding, football pitches and even an open air cinema, there's something to keep the most active of minds busy and having a great time.

Follow the links to our Powder Byrne kids programmes at the top of the page to find out more about our unique services or call our team on 020 8246 5300 to talk about the best options for your family.

Map of Paphos

Getting There

This Mediterranean island is approximately 4 hours 30 minutes from London airports and Aphrodite Hills is then just a short journey from Paphos airport.

Sun Facts

Listed below are an average temperature and rainfall for selected months
May26°C 41mm
June29°C 28mm
July30°C 15mm
August30°C 28mm
September30°C 45mm
October27°C 96mm