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St. Mary's


Situated in the Eastern Caribbean and boasting a tropical climate and low humidity, Antigua is the ideal destination to soak up some exotic sunshine and beat the winter blues. 


Carlisle Bay

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Antigua is famous for its wealth of white sandy beaches that are lapped by crystal clear waters, home to an abundance of beautiful reefs.

This Caribbean island is a paradise for diving and snorkelling fanatics as well as those who prefer to spend their days hanging back on the beach an opposed to heading out on the boat. Carlisle Bay is a stunning juxtaposition of a luscious green backdrop of the hills behind the hotel, and the crisp white and blue of the beach that the hotel look onto.

With a fascinating colonial history, the rich cultural blend of West Indian, African and European influences ensures a vibrant yet laid back experience whatever you choose to do.

Activities and Indulgences For you

Enjoy two of Antigua’s most celebrated restaurants without even leaving the hotel! Indigo on the beach offers delicious grills and seafood, whilst East delivers contemporary Asian treats in a modern setting. Whether you're a regular on the waves or a complete novice, take to the water and explore the island by boat and tap into the strong sailing traditions that the island enjoys.

Back at the hotel, unwind in the magnificent Blue Spa, made up of six treatment rooms, wet rooms and a sauna. Treatments on offer in the Blue Spa include some that are exclusive to Carlisle Bay. 

For the kids

Kids won't have a chance to catch a breath with all the activities going available at the hotel and on the island. Whizzing through the canopy on a jungle zip-wire and swinging over rope bridges will give them a unique perspective of this island habitat. With a palm shaded beach offering space for fun and games as well as extensive waters sports and a certified PADI dive centre, they’ll be spoilt for choice.

The hotel's collection of kids clubs offer packed acivity programmes for all ages, including treasure hunts and beach games in the Cool Kids Club (6 months - 6 years) kayaking and raft building as complimentary activites in in Crew Blue for 7 - 12 year olds and a chill out room for teenagers in Crush.

For a little down time, the kids can enjoy an evening in the cinema, leaving you to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or a cocktail on the beach.

Map of St. Mary's

Getting There

Travel from London to this island paradise in just 8 hours, where better to unwind after a transatlantic flight.

Sun Facts

Listed below are an average temperature and rainfall for selected months
January25°C 56mm
February25°C 37mm
March25°C 46mm
April26°C 67mm
May27°C 112mm
June28°C 49mm
July28°C 86mm
August28°C 100mm
September28°C 140mm
October27°C 130mm
November27°C 134mm
December26°C 87mm