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Teenage Skiing Programmes

We have created a range of programmes designed to take teenager's skiing to the next level. Whether their interests lie in perfecting their technique on a variety of terrains, or in attempting the latest trick in the snow park, our professional team will oversee their ski time and ensure they get the most from the mountain. 

Our programmes run during selected holiday periods and operate in resorts that are suited to the requirements of the course. For example, our Slopestyle course is available to clients in Flims and Laax thanks to the fantastic snow park facilities and access to the FreeStyle Academy, and you'll find our Martin Bell Ski Academy programme in Zermatt, thanks to the huge range and variety of skiing.

We design our programmes to be the best you can find on the mountain and because they are delivered by our own staff we have complete control over the content and delivery, ensuring a fantastic experience for everyone involved.

Find out more about our children's ski programmes by scrolling through the gallery below.


SnoZone (10 - 14 years)

A programme of structured tuition to develop new skills and confidence as well as a great deal of fun with new friends.

Click here to find out more about SnoZone.

PB Martin Bell Academy (11 - 15 years)

Lay the foundations for a lifetime of enjoyable skiing as Martin puts you through your paces and imparts his extensive knowledge about all aspects of the sport.

Click here to find out more about PB Martin Bell Academy.

PB Slopestyle Course (14 years plus)

The ultimate rite of passage for young skiers ready to take on a new challenge. Head to Laax and discover our unique programme, supported by specialist instructors, making the most of world-class indoor and outdoor facilities.

Click here to find out more about the PB Slopestyle Course.

FreeZone Complimentary Guiding (14 years plus)

Complimentary ski guiding for adventurous teens who want to spend time with like-minded friends.

Click here to find out more about Freezone.

PowderZone (14 years plus)

Taking Powder Byrne back to our roots, our specialist off-piste courses deliver three days of amazing powder skiing in two of Europe's greatest skiing areas. Join our mountain guides for an experience you'll never forget.

Click here to find out more about PowderZone.

PB Ski Academy (14 years plus)

The PB Ski Academy operates in Flims and provides a multi-disciplinary, action-packed ski week, aiming at improving technical piste skiing, speed, freestyle techniques and off-piste skiing.

Click here to find out more about the PB Ski Academy.

    Click here to find out about our ski programmes for younger children.

    Dates and Locations


    Our programmes and academy courses are available during selected holiday weeks across a range of resorts. To learn where and when the operate please follow the link below.

    Dates when programmes are in operation.

    Watch our Video of the Laax FreeStyle Academy


    Experienced teens will love our new course, based in the specialist Slopestyle resorts of Flims and Laax. They'll spend days in the snow park with our instructors and enjoy sessions in the unique Indoor FreeStyle Academy.

    PB Slopestyle Course

    11-15 years olds can spend the week with Ex GB Ski Racer working on their technique and picking up some hints and tips for racing.

    PB Martin Bell Academy

    We understand that older teens may not want to ski with their parents. FreeZone offers the oppurtunity for them to ski with a guide and meet others their own age!