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Flims is an undiscovered gem of a resort, with a great choice of flattering runs and a reputation for being one of the most  snow sure places in the Alps. It’s not hard to see why this well kept secret continues to be a client favourite. 

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The Village

A regular Powder Byrne favourite, Flims is the perfect place for skiing in Switzerland. It has a low-key family atmosphere, long, varied runs and a sunny disposition. Thanks to the Vorab Glacier, 70% of the winter sport action is between 2,000 and 3,000 metres above sea level, making it one of the most snow-sure places in the Alps.

Nick Trend, writer for the Telegraph, said: 'Flims is like one of those rare Alpine resorts - like nearby Klosters - that still feels like a local village.' With stunning scenery and an active neighbourhood, Flims is the overall perfect place for a family holiday.

The Skiing

Flims is linked with nearby Laax and is part of the largest linked ski area in Switzerland with 235km of skiing available. With spacious runs, empty slopes and glorious sunshine, you'll never want to go home. The scenery in Flims is stunning and all abilities are catered for, with a quick ski fix, ensuring maximum time on the slopes.

One of the longest pistes in the Alps runs from the Vorab Glacier and makes its way to Flims along some reds and blues. So, if you're looking for a tranquil but adrenaline fuelled and scenic run, this is one for you. And for the more experienced, we would recommend the lovely long black run just of Vorab to Alp Ruschein.

Our clients rave about the run from 'La Siala' to 'Flims' via Grauberg as it is 12km long and it has everything in it including steep flat off piste beautiful views and additionally it goes past the famous Stargels restaurant. 

Restaurants and Bars

Flims-Laax-Falera region offers a selection of different restaurants and bars to choose from, offering various styles of cooking - from local cuisine to gourmet clubs, guaranteed to please all the family.

When eating out is part of the plan for the day you'll be spoilt thanks to the great range of restaurants in Flims and neighbouring Laax. Enjoy the elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere of the Schweizerhof Hotel's own restaurant. Or maybe you'll like the perfect family setting and homemade pizzas of Waldhaus' Pomodoro.

Winter Activities

If skiing is not your thing, then that's not a problem, because there are plenty of different activities for you and your family to enjoy in Flims. Indoor activities include the Flims Sports Centre and indoor pool. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, like hiking, snowshoeing, curling, ice skating or sledging.

Spas and Fitness

If you're looking to relax after a long and tiring day of skiing, then look no further than your hotel.

The spa facility in Hotel Adula welcomes you for everything from massage and aromatherapy to beauty treatments and makeup application.

Alternatively, the extensive and exclusive list of treatments at the Waldhaus includes staples like fitness facilities and massage, combined with beauty treatments for both the face and body using luxurious Ligne St. Barth products.

Access and Transfers

After a 1.5 hour flight from London to Zurich Airport, our team will transfer you and your family to the resort in a 1 hour and 40 minute drive.

Alternatively, enjoy our 1.5 hour private flight London to Friedrichshafen during selected weeks, our team will take you directly to the resort in a 1 hour and 40 minute drive.


Current conditions in Flims.

The Vorab Glacier
The Vorab Glacier
Map of Flims

Getting There

Located just 1 hour 40 minutes by Powder Byrne transfer from Zurich airport. Alternatively, our private flights fly into the German airport of Friedrichshafen, which is also 1 hour 40 minutes from Flims. The convenient location and variety of slopes also makes Flims an ideal destination for weekenders.

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Ski Facts

Altitude of Village1100m
Altitude of Ski Area1100m - 3018m
Number of Lifts 27
Total Pistes 235km (Flims and Laax)
Snow CannonsYES
Longest Run 17km
Cross Country Skiing60km
Mountain Restaurants17