Summer officially kicks off with Powder Byrne at May Half Term in more ways than one as Elba plays host to one of this year’s most hotly anticipated footballing events, The PB Football Academy. Entering it’s 5th season this 5 day course slots nicely into the limbo period between the end of the season and the start of the World Cup to allow any struggling fanatics to get their football fix and actually get some wear out of the England shirt that will inevitably have to be purchased before Rio.

Developed by former Chelsea and England star Graeme Le Saux alongside FA-qualified premier coach Scott Rimmer. Open to rising talents from 5-13 the Academy sets out to improve key skills and introduce new tricks. Our programme run by a FA-qualified coach looks at all aspects of the beautiful game with emphasis placed on ball control, passing, dribbling, tackling and kicking skills, as well as general ball techniques.

With small groups participating the course focuses on  the personal development of each player to develop confidence, awareness and sportsmanship with the view to creating well rounded players. Group video analysis will help the boys and girls identify how they can improve further with individual programmes designed to help each player improve.

It is a day of two halves with 1.5 hours worth of lessons in the morning and another 1.5 hours in the afternoon, meaning that over the course of a week more football will be played than during your average school term. Morning sessions tend to focus on individual technique whereas the afternoons consist of team exercises and mini tournaments. Each day has a specific theme and a technique which is focused on as can be seen in more detail on the slider below. The week culminates with a tournament on the Friday which will be a slightly more competitive day where the budding players can put into practice everything they learnt that week. Win, lose or draw it will be a fantastic experience for all involved.

  • Monday - Introduction and Ball Familiarisation

    Monday - Introduction and Ball Familiarisation

    Monday sees a general introduction to the course with a variety of different ball familiarisation games and exercises so that our coach can monitor each individual and design sessions best-suited to support each player’s development.

  • Tuesday - Passing and Movement

    Tuesday - Passing and Movement

    After Monday's introduction it's time for some more skills focused training with passing and movement drills. Players will work on their touch, trapping techniques, types of passes, calmness on the ball, anticipation, movement,passing players and spacial awareness so they are always ready to receive and distribute the ball from anywhere on the pitch.

  • Wednesday - Shooting Techniques

    Wednesday - Shooting Techniques

    Wednesday will focus on shooting and finishing looking at where and when to strike the ball with plenty of games including 1v1, lay off and shoot, give,go and shoot, set piece and crossing, moving ball shooting , heading and volley techniques to name a few. There will also be part of the session dedicated to penalties, crucial for any players looking to make it to Qatar 2022.

  • Thursday - Defending and Tackling

    Thursday - Defending and Tackling

    Now that all the general skills and attacking play has been covered it's time to get to the more physical side of the game in tackling. This day will see various drills that will encourage defensive discipline and lead to creating a well rounded player. Participants will learn defensive posture, marking, jockeying, tackle timing, double defending and clearing.

  • Friday - Tournament Day

    Friday - Tournament Day

    Friday sees the most talked about tournament of the Summer kick off with all of the skills learnt during the week on display. This will be followed by an award presentation and a parents versus children game where the kids can demonstrate their newly acquired skills to the adults.

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