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Discover the Emerald island of Elba

Discover the emerald island of Elba

Set in the crystalline waters of the Tuscan Archipelago, discover the Emerald island of Elba a pure Italian treasure. Probably best known for its famous exile,Read the feature

The Life of a Piste 2 Profession Student

It’s hard to think that we have already been in Flims for over two months now. From watching the world famous Lauberhorn downhill race inRead the feature

Penha Longa’s Shining Culinary Star

LAB by Sergi Arola at Penha Longa Resort has been honoured with a Michelin Star The Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal 2017 was recentlyRead the feature

Claire Gill explores Lenzerheide

  *This piece was written by Claire Gill and was originally posted on Angels and Urchins – read it here. “Lenzerheide, /’len.zer.hi.da/ has been a Swiss family favouriteRead the feature


a day in the life of a polo groom

In any equestrian sport the grooming part is very essential. Horse owners often think of grooming as an either tedious task or a lovely way ofRead the feature

By Diana Jensen of PoloPeoplePlaces


At Polo Valley all you need is the desire and willpower to learn to play polo. We will take care of the rest. At ourRead the feature

By Diana Jensen of PoloPeoplePlaces


 The A to Z of Polo A- Alvaro – The man, the legend, your new best polo friend. Alvaro is the polo manager at PoloRead the feature

By Diana Jensen of PoloPeoplePlaces

A Passion for Polo

Polo is the king of sports and the sport of kings, but it is much more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle sprungRead the feature

A stroll

through Elba

Elba is renowned for it’s beautiful beaches, traditional fishing villages and even a pirate cove or two. It’s a sleepy corner of Italy that hasRead the feature